Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hosting a celebrity and collegues

On 25th of April 2011, we are proud to host Charles Yew Han and collegues (productions crews) to our guest house. He is about to have a debut with Jaclyn Victor.

The arrival

Shooting the scene in front of KTHB.

Charles Yew Han and collegue

Posing at the window

Then, they were taken to Homestay Kg Padang Besar Selatan, near Kuala Perlis. Observing fish net repairing (bubul pukat).

Experiencing coconut peeling at one of the hosts house.

The grinded coconut then fried to make 'kerisik'.

Take a break, served with local manggo and tea- what a refreshment.

Introduced with 'kedondong' or Perlis call it 'Mera' fruit. The tree is so short and seems they enjoy the fruits, could be eaten raw.

Not really at the right season to see paddy field- but they enjoy the blowing of winds, sunshine and beautiful scenery. At far right is Kuala Perlis- Sungai Baru seashore road side.
Caught puyu fish. Wow!, a lot of thorn, got to hold the fish head firmly.
At the last visit, they were served with coconut juice and green coconut flesh, they experienced plucking and cut the hole for juice by themselves.

But these are not the only things you can have in Perlis- there are a lot more. As Mr Allen, the head of the mission mention to me, the next day they went to Snake Farm, Herbs Farm, Grape Farm/ vineyard, Bukit Ayer Waterfalls, Wang Kelian (International border day market) and Padang Besar (International Border Town). Hope you will view their program in Astro soon. I am not sure of the name of the program, it sounds like- 'Around Malaysia in 13 days'

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