Monday, April 30, 2012

KTH Cottage - Lavender, Mint, Rose & Canna (KTHC L & M, KTHC R & C)

Rose, Canna, Lavender and Mint Cottages are the kind of chalet, erected side by side of KTHA, KTHB, KTHD and KTHE homestays. The price offered as cheap as RM60 per room during the week days and RM75 for a room during the weekend and holidays. The new cottages are  Neem and Yucca which were completed in 2013.

New!, Neem & Yucca Cottages

Cottage Rose & Canna RM 120 per night- 2 air-conditioned rooms

Gazebo in front of it, you can see KTHB homestay at the foreground

Beautifully decorated with lights

Small swimming pool in front of cottage Lavender & Mint (RM120 per night)

Swimming pool that could lure the kids

Yucca & Neem Cottage just beside Lavender & Mint

Cottage Rose & Canna

Inside the room- '3 star' hotel standard

Equipped with air-conditioner, LED TV and Astro

The alley where you can take a rest and watch your kids playing in the swimming pool

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