Friday, April 17, 2015

Floating market Hatyai, Thailand - weekend activities

This post is to highlight the popular destination after the visitors have spent the night at Perlis and cross the international border at Padang Besar early in the morning and travel another 50 minutes to the largest city in southern Thailand. We would suggest to those who wants to travel to the city of Hatyai to spend a night in the safe most homestays or chalets in Perlis before you travel to Southern Thailand. The pictures speak for themselves:-
Newly erected, shopping complex - welcomes the visitors to the city of Hatyai

The floating market here we come... it provides spaciuos parking lot

Here is the floating boats await tourist customers to shop around

The organizer also entertains the visitors with  live band or sometime karaoke stage performance

There are so many things that we can choose, mostly foods and drinks, and they are served in decoratives presentation

Those who have done shopping can sit under a line of small hut to enjoy their meals
We have waited until 10pm, where the floating market is close and witnessed the process of how they kept the supplies and everything..

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Exploring Gua Kelam - Caving Deep inside Nakawan Ranges and the Secret Garden

 On 27th March 2015, we have the opportunity to explore Gua Kelam hills at Nakawan Ranges, Kaki Bukit, Perlis.
The beautiful signboard welcome the visitors

Good view of the Nakawan Ranges, the bridge brings the visitors into the rocky hill

Mr Jamili, the Forestry Agency Officer cum the caving guide for the program
Before caving, a short briefing on dos and don'ts for the participants

Crossing the bridge from the reception check point

Rocky cave tunnel, here we come into... 

It's a real hard work by the elders to dig into granite rock to make this amazing tunnel

We walked continuously until we arrived at an empty space inside the cave

The history that can be read by those who are able to cave around 200 metres into the earth 

Unique mother nature

We are out at last, the bright sun light at the end of the cave

Can't believe it, we came out from that cave which also flows the water to Gua Kelam stream.

The view taken from see tower (menara

                Here is the other end of Gua Kelam, or the Forestry Agency is transforming it into                the Secret Garden.

The signboard of 'Hujan-Hujan' camp site, taken after the name of the trees shading the camping site

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