Saturday, August 3, 2013

Proudly served miraculous and special guests...

On 3rd August 2013, we have received a phone call by Mak Wan, who noticed us that Pn Hjh Norlina binti Hj Alawi and her 'Anugerah' children would come and have Iftar at Al-Islah hall at Jalan Mata Ayer. We proudly offered the best guesthouse in the list- Mata Ayer Homestay. She brought along her 12 'Anugerah' children and thanks God, the guesthouse seemed to fit her requirement.

She shared with us the plans that she has for the children, for example the release of video clips, books and comic. If you are interested to learn more about her, click here and if you wish to read review of one of her books, click here

Who is Pn Hjh Norlina Alawi? You can make research on your own or click here    

We had a very informative and thoughtful conversation with her and get to know her 'Anugerah' children as she introduced to us. It took place after 'solat terawikh' at the spacious Mata Ayer Homestay

Arrived at Teratak Rahmat, Al- Islah, Mata Ayer- Mama's children dress nicely in uniform..

The society emblem- being the landmark of Mata Ayer as the 2nd place after Tok Syeikh house  for promoting 'sunnah' in Perlis

A caring iron lady, attended one of her 'Anugerah' children

'Anugerah' children being served by the volunteers of Teratak Rahmat
Aidilfitri wishing card from her- we try to find time to frame it...hi hi hi... Thanks and with best regards from us to Pn Hjh Norlina Alawi, May God eases your efforts.

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